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Michala Linn is a classical pianist and writer, who is determined to write women and minority composers into music history. Her passion is to introduce a wider and younger audience to the poetic and beautiful world of classical music. And she is working on new concepts and ways of experiencing classical music to bring the genre into the future. 

Linn received her Bachelor's degree from the Danish National Academy of Music in 2018, where she studied with acclaimed pianists Christina Bjørkøe and John Damgaard.

Since 2021, she has studied with Lucy Parham, who is an expert on the music of Clara Schumann and professor at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London. 


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Credit: Victoria Skov

"It was a shock to realize at 28 that I had never played a single piece by a woman composer. The history of women is silent. With "Women, unheard of", I am making a space for their music."

- Michala Linn

"I like to experience a positive kind of loneliness, where you are connected to yourself and your life. For me, classical music can help make room for that kind of solitude."

- Michala Linn in DR feature "Learn to Love Classical"

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"I felt an incredible sense of calm and serenity. It was an amazing concert. Really good music. Michala Linn is simply an equilibrist!"

- Jørgen Christiansen, Stenstrup

- "It captured me that she was so natural, she laid out the music to us and explained what she was playing. It gave a better understanding of what we were going to hear. We were utterly captivated!"

- Jytte Christiansen, Lundeborg


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