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Duo Nord

We are a Danish duo consisting of mezzo-soprano Jara Kanzler Hemmet and pianist Michala Linn.

We have created a series of concerts based on our shared desire to spread music written by female composers.

Because where is that music? If you look at the programs of the Danish symphony orchestras, on the radio, the opera houses or music conservatories, you would think that there was not much to choose from. But that's definitely not true, and that's what we want to show with our concert.

We want to focus on the wonderful music that has been forgotten or overlooked over time, solely because it was written by women. And we want to show that it deserves to be played today.

The concert consists of, among other things, music by Clara Schumann, Alma Mahler and Ethel Smyth. Between the pieces, we talk about their exciting lives and the conditions under which female composers throughout history have written music.

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+45 40 54 93 46

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